Cheap Web Hosting Providers- Which and Why?

Cheap Web Hosting

There are hundreds of cheap web hosting options out there, but which one should you choose?
Selecting a good reliable cheapest web hosting provider can often be a hit-or-miss affair. So to help you decide and get your website off to the best possible start, I have collated some helpful articles on cheap web hosting, written by several experts on this subject. I hope you find all the help you need from these pages.

Selecting a Cheap Web Hosting That Meets Your Needs

There are many different web hosting companies on the market that range in price from expensive to cheap. You may assume that cheap web hosting is inferior to an expensive web host, but there are actually several cheap web hosting providers that are top quality. You just have to do a little research to select the right one. So, here are a few things you should consider when selecting cheapest web hosting that meets your needs.

  • Time in Business- While this isn’t the biggest factor that determines the quality of a cheapest web hosting provider, it can help you choose the right one. If a we hosting company has been in business for several years, there’s a better chance that it is a quality company. Of course, there are new companies that are just as good, so this should not be your only consideration when selecting cheap web hosting.
  • Reputation- This is a very important consideration when selecting Low Cost web hosting. One way to find out if a specific web hosting company has a bad reputation is to read online reviews and comments from people that have used the service you’re interested in. If there are several complaints, you should look for a cheap web hosting company with a better reputation.
  • Customer Service- The quality of customer service and technical support is another very important consideration when selecting Low Cost web hosting. You need to make sure that whatever company you choose has 24/7 support through phone and email. Many companies also offer a live chat option that’s very convenient.
  • Features- Most hosting services whether cheap or expensive offer the same general features. Some of the features you should look for when selecting Budget Low Cost web hosting is unlimited bandwidth, disk space and domains. You might also want a web host that uses cPanel to make setting up and managing your hosting account quick and easy.
  • Guarantees- When selecting cheap web hosting, you should check to see if they offer any type of guarantee. Many will offer a general money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with their service. They also have an uptime guarantee. Most web hosting services guarantee a 99.9% uptime, so your website will never be offline more than 0.1% of the time.

When searching for cheap web hosting that will meet your hosting needs, the features above are just a few of the things you should consider. Just make sure that you take your time when selecting cheap web hosting and don’t just sign up with the first company you find, since there are quite a few low quality hosts.
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How to Select Low Cost Hosting and at the Same Time Maintain Quality Service

Nowadays there are many companies promising cheap web hosting Services, but how can you be really sure that these low prices for hosting are a bargain or not. You should consider the following tips to make sure you are getting quality service while purchasing cheap web hosting.

Free hosting:

Free hosting has very few benefits, hence you give up a lot of these benefits if you do go with free hosting.
Of these free hosting services provide you with hosting on another company’s website. This results in you not getting actual domain hosting. This means that your web pages are exhibited on someone else’s domain, making it impossible for you to promote your website to the full. If that specific company shuts down it will mean the end of business for you as your site will no longer be available too.

Free hosting also means you could have an unlimited number of advertisements on your site. Most often the advertisement/s will be from the hosting company that is providing you with the free space. Having advertisements on your site generally turns your customers off and you will not make a sale.
There are some cheap web hosting companies out there that provide the same service as that of the free hosting company. The only difference between the cheap web hosting company and the free hosting company is that the former will bill you for it but offers an absolutely hopeless service.

#1 Be sure to make a comparison of the virtual hosting packages:

When going in to buy cheap web hosting, always be certain that you compare the key characteristics such as disc space, bandwidth and the price. Sometimes you may not need that much space and bandwidth at the beginning but as your website grows you will need to expand. However, most web hosting companies these days leave you the option of expanding when necessary. Sometimes purchasing a package that has more space may sometimes be a difference of only a dollar or two from the introductory package.

Some other features you may have to look at when comparing cheap web hosting is the technical support they offer, customer care, whether they have auto responders and multiple email accounts. Whether cPanel is available or maybe even a corresponding program. Also if PHP, databases and MySQL are available.

#2 Web design should be the priority:

Before you start out you should consider the following – do you require a customer database? Do you require a shopping cart and also most importantly what is the programming language you will be using. These should be given top priority and carefully thought about before buying your cheap web hosting.
If you are going to make a business out of your website then keep in mind that it is going to be long term and that you will be using your web hosting company’s service for a long time too, hence take as much time as you need in order to find the ideal web hosting company that you will be happy with that will meet all your hosting needs and also provide you with cheap web hosting.

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#3.  Benefits of Budget Hosting to Get Your Site Up and Running

If you’re thinking of signing on with a virtual host for Budget web hosting, you might receive more long-term benefits than you realize. Cheap web hosting is more readily available today because there is so much competition in the web site hosting arena. You can still find great domain hosting for only a fraction of what companies once paid. Even with low cost web hosting, the benefits are tremendous if you choose the right virtual host.

Here are three benefits of cheap Budget hosting

#1. Save Money for Now and the Future

When comparing cheap web hosting plans, you should carefully consider the cost of your virtual host payments. You’ll likely be paying every month or year for many years to come if you plan to build a solid online business. Therefore, you’ll need a host that’s dependable as well as affordable. The benefit of Low Cost web hosting is you will save money every month or year over a long period of time.

If one company charges $9.95 per month and another virtual host charges $6.95 per month with similar features, then you’ll save $3 per month by choosing the cheap web hosting. In one year, you’ll save $36. In five years, you’ll save $180. It doesn’t seem to be much, but from a business standpoint, any savings are worth the effort! You can also save even more if you need more than just basic web page hosting.

#2. Minimal Overhead Costs with Low Cost Web Hosting

Where else but the Internet can you open a store for only a few dollars per month? Imagine opening a store on Main Street in your town. You could incur thousands of dollars in monthly bills (rent, water, power, repairs, etc.)

With cheap web hosting, you can open a store for only a few dollars per month and add pages to it any time you wish with very little or no increase to your web page hosting bill. It’s the lowest overhead you could ever have, and the profit potential is tremendous. Even using features such as PHP and MySQL integration for databases adds very little (if any) extra to your monthly bill.

#3. Reseller Hosting Benefits

No matter what type of business you own, you might benefit by offering reseller hosting. Reseller hosting enables you to sell cheap web hosting packages to your customers. You can sell all types of hosting, but be sure to narrow your ads to reach your target audience. For example, if you own a wholesale candy store, you can advertise to your customers (candy retailers) that they can have their very own candy website. Of course, they can choose a low cost web hosting plan from your site, and you earn hosting payments every month! You might even provide web design templates they can use to get their site up and running quickly. The possibilities are endless.

These benefits and more are valid reasons to search for dependable but low cost web hosting. Start saving with cheap web hosting today!
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